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Mental Health Warrant

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What is a Mental Health Warrant?

A Mental Health Warrant authorizes law enforcement to take a person into custody who shows symptoms of a mental illness and is likely to cause harm to self or others. A person may be held up to 48 hours on a mental health warrant. It is not a warrant for arrest. The warrant orders a person to undergo a mental health evaluation by a doctor to determine if hospitalization is necessary.
What are the requirements for a Mental Health Warrant?

For a mental health warrant to be issued in McLennan County, the proposed patient must reside or currently be in McLennan County. The applicant must be able to present current, specific information that shows the prospective patient is suffering from a mental illness and constitutes an IMMEDIATE danger to himself/herself or to others. *IMPORTANT: Past behavior, even from a week prior, may not satisfy the criteria if the behavior is not currently being shown. If the proposed patient is incarcerated, request a mental health evaluation at the jail. No warrant can be issued until the proposed patient is released from jail.
Who can file an application for a Mental Health Warrant?

Anyone can file application that is over 18 years of age; and has witnessed the proposed patient’s behavior.
How and where do I file for a Mental Health Warrant in McLennan County?

Call the number above (254/757-5166) and let us know you will be coming in to complete an application for a Mental Health Warrant. Give us a brief description of the proposed patient’s behavior. Our office is located in the main Courthouse on the 2nd floor, suite 215.
What other options are there other than filing for a Mental Health Warrant in McLennan County?

If you are unable to come to this office you may call the 24-Hour Emergency/Crisis number – 1-866-752-3451. This is a 24-hour Triage Program that allows for around the clock assessment -triage for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
Can’t I just commit someone for mental health treatment?

No, under State Law, a person can ONLY be committed if they have been evaluated by two licensed doctors and the doctors submit a report stating the person is mentally ill and at risk of harm to self or others.
Are there any fees associated with a mental health court commitment?

Yes, anytime the Court is involved with a mental health proceeding, there will be court fees assessed. Depending on the proceeding, the fees could be $388.00 for an Order of Protective Custody hearing (OPC- proceeding which can hold a person for up to 14 days) or $594.00 for Commitment hearing (CMIT- proceeding which can hold a person for up to 90 days).


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